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Obama Biden jobs near Pittsburgh

REUTERS/Larry Downing

Obama, Biden announce millions for job training

Hoping to help close the gap between workers' skills and the needs of businesses, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced he's putting hundreds of millions toward job training programs that produce highly skilled workers.

World's toughest job


World's toughest job ad ends with smiles

The job ad listed the many unusual requirements for director of operations -- and still, a few dozen people answered it and set up video interviews.

Milwaukee Fast food strike


Oklahoma bans local minimum wage hikes

Oklahoma cities and towns are banned from raising the local minimum wage under a new state law.

Unemployment benefits


Jobless claims at lowest since 2007, but...

Americans are desperate for good news about jobs. Some thought they found it this morning when data came out showing that new claims for unemployment benefits suddenly plummeted last week to the lowest level since May 2007.


businesswomen office worker apart from co-workers


Equal pay: 5 things you need to know

You've heard it thousands of times: Women earn 77 cents to a man's dollar. But in many ways, this statistic is misleading. That said, the pay gap itself isn't a myth.

Unemployment office

John McAfee/CNN

Senate votes to extend jobless benefits

The Senate on Monday passed a bill to extend federal jobless benefits for more than 2 million unemployed workers through May 31.

Pay stub


Dems highlight equal pay in political push

From the White House to Capitol Hill to the campaign trail, Democrats are planning an across-the- board push on paycheck equality on Tuesday, the party's first large-scale coordinated effort on the issue ahead of November's midterm elections.

Job fair

John Torigoe/CNN

Private sector jobs finally back to 2008 peak, but...

After a winter slowdown, the job market hit a milestone in March as the private sector finally recovered all the jobs lost in the 2008 financial crisis.


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