What do you get when you mix a local nonprofit, with some of the city's top chefs?

It's a recipe for what hopes to be a successful program, which will teach kids a little about culinary art. The program, called “Rosemary’s Kitchen” is the brainchild of Rosemary Kowalski, a 66-year veteran of the food industry.

The program will offer hands-on training to at-risk youth, helping and inspiring them, to pursue careers in the culinary arts.

"We want to teach them to learn things that are very practical for all of us,” said Kowalski. “Because nowadays people eat out more than they do at home. "

Though the program hasn't started quite yet, SA Youth CEO, Cynthia Le Monds says, it's already a crucial part of what the non-profit does.

“A lot of our young people are quitting school, and they don't have any opportunity, and are low on their skills,” said Le Monds. “There aren't a lot of workforce training programs in our community that are training these young people. And the beauty of this program is it helps them get that workforce skill, but it helps them get their high school diploma or GED at the same time.”

The culinary school is slated to open in January of 2013, and will be housed out of the Mission Verde Center.

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