On the job for just two weeks as South San ISD's new superintendent, Rebecca Robinson, a former assistant superintendent in Eagle Pass, says the district needs to focus on quality instruction.

One of the first actions she's taking to square up the district's new goals is for the school board's approval to remove eight positions, including coordinator of counseling services, assistant director of special education, curriculum facilitator, and assistant HR director. Seven of the positions, according to Robinson, are vacant. The remaining position is being redirected.

"Again, nobody will be losing any jobs whatsoever.," Robinson told the school board Friday during a special meeting. "These are positions that have been vacant or are vacant because of retirement."

Robinson says that move will save the district $624,518.98.

The board also voted to approve the reduction in employment days for elementary, middle, high school principals and assistant principals, as well as a few other positions, saving $126,282.28.

Total savings is nearly $800,000.

The past year has been somewhat troubling for the district. A new school board president and superintendent have taken the reigns after former superintendent, Ron Durbon, was fired. The school board cited thirty reasons for their action, which included failure to initiate an investigation when allegations surfaced that his son used a school computer to access pornography on a school district computer, according to a Texas Education Agency ruling on the matter.

The district also owes $1 million to the state because it reported more students to the state than were on the roster. The state reimburses schools for the number of students in its enrollment.

Robinson asked herself - what does South San need to move forward?

"South San needs a lot of things," she said. "I think one of the first things that we really need to concentrate on is leaving our past behind and moving forward."

Directly after the vote to eliminate positions, the board then took action on the creation of positions during the meeting.

They include director of school improvement, director of staff development, director of science and social studies, director of math, and director of English/language arts.

"The bottom line is, are we in compliance with the state and are we in compliance with the federal government?" asked Robinson.

She believes these are the first steps in the process of getting the district out of the state's 'school improvement' category and onto the right path.