If that new HDTV or blu-ray player you got for Christmas has you working to upgrade your DVD collection to blu-rays, Best Buy has a deal just for you. You can bring in your old DVD and get a $5 coupon that goes towards purchasing that same film on blu-ray.

Tax season is just around the corner, and if you’re wanting to get a head start, several places like Wal-Mart are offering free, in-store filling on EZ returns in select stores.

If the weather is driving your skin crazy, some acne medication may be just what you need. You can get a free trial of Acne Free just by liking their Facebook page.

And you can get more than that for free on Facebook. If you “like” Nescafe’s page, you can get a free sample of their Taster’s Choice coffee, the perfect drink for cold nights.

And if you’re allergies are still driving you crazy, you may want to check out this deal from Kleenex. Follow this link and you can send a free sample pack of their new “Cool Touch” tissue, and get a free sample for yourself.

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