Red Lobster has a special offer for the kids.  Make sure to claim it on Facebook: get a kid's meal free with the purchase of an adult entree.

Pei Wei also has a buy one get one deal.  You have to take part in a quiz on Pei Wei's Facebook page to get the deal.

Halloween is next weekend.  Get a special Trick-or-Treat bag for the kids.  York Photo will create the bag just for you, with your pictures and everything.  This deal expires at the end of the month.

Clear is offering up its new shampoo for men.  You can like their Facebook page to get your hands on that freebie.

Johnson's Baby is giving you a special gift to help that little one calm down and go to sleep.  You can download lullabies and even record one yourself.

As always, you can share your freebies with us.  Email them to