KSAT 12 News anchorman Leslie Mouton was released from the hospital Friday after undergoing a double mastectomy.

Lelie's husband, Tony, and their daughter, Nicole, helped Leslie pack her belongings so she could go home.

"I'm going home," Leslie said, as she was being released. "I'm so excited. I'm doing a lot better. It's still going to be weeks before I'm up to par, but at least I get to go home. And thank you all so much for all of your well wishes and your prayers. They helped. They really did."

Although Leslie is having some painful breathing treatments regularly, she said she has no regrets about having the surgery. She said the surgery gives her the peace of mind that she won't have another bout with cancer.

Leslie will be recuperating at home for several weeks.

Leslie will be off the air for several weeks while she recovers, but she will be keeping viewers updated on her progress through her online diary on