Dr. Dietrich: Schwann cells have been used in some very early studies targeting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Remember we talked about re-myelination. Well MS is a demyelinating disorder. So some people have tried to use Schwann cells to remyelinate. Some people have tried Schwann cells in other countries with variable results. We don’t know exactly the condition of their Schwann cells when they injected them because they don’t really have a lot of information on how they processed the cells. So this will be the first  FDA approved clinical trial using Schwann cells that we know are functional and have the ability to remyelinate central nervous system axons.

Do you consider this a game changer?

Dr. Dietrich: Oh it’s a game changer. This is like a big brick in the wall if you will. We’re trying to build this wall to overcome paralysis and it’s got hundreds of bricks. This is a really big brick, it’s a foundation of the wall and over the next several years we’ll continue to improve upon and build that wall until we have something that has a cure for paralysis written on it. That’s the vision.





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