So yesterday my lovely hubbins and I went for another hike. It was cold and cloudy; I loved it. This time, though, THIS time, I wanted to RUN!
Well, jog. The only running or jogging I've done in years has been on a treadmill. This was different. I was feeling the rocks, being careful, but at the same time, feeling INVINCIBLE! Like, I could do anything. For a couple of minutes at a time:-)
I've think I've had a block on running for quite some time now. When I was from the age of 3 or 4 and up, it was a punishment. They would make me go run outside, I hated it. We also had to do pushups, sit ups (not crunches), hold our arms above our heads for extended periods, hold them out in front of us with rocks in our hands, jumping jacks, you name it. They would also take away privileges, verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically beat us, but that's a story for another day.
The point is running was a PUNISHMENT. So it has never ever been something fun for me, and I think as a result my mind sort of shut down the part of my brain that allows me to even think I can do it.
But yesterday, yesterday I felt FREE. It was amazing:-) I'm being brought to tears just writing about how good it was. I couldn't go for long, but I did what I could.
So to an outsider, it was a jog.
For me it was a revolution.
Thanks for reading:-)
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