As with any journey into the unknown it starts understandably with a bit of nervous anxiety, some self doubt, but ultimately gives way to feelings of hope and optimism. These were the feelings I wrestled with at the start of my journey towards a new me.
I must say, the time and effort that the good people at H-E-B put into the Slim Down Showdown program was nothing short of amazing. With the knowledge and tools they armed us with I am moving forward on this journey with confidence and determination.
Some great takeaways I received from this week were some quotes from a psychologist with the Trestle Tree Group, Becky D. Parker PHD.
"We are the totality of our suffering and our greatness" and also "Seek progress not perfection."
Simple words that say so much.
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Any comments or questions are welcome. Good luck in your personal journey. #hebsdsd

Daniel Garza