It's funny how in our everyday lives we make excuses why we can't do things. one of the biggest reasons we use is our lack of time.
Just plug in any activity behind the phrase, "I just cant find the time to _______" and you have the Swiss Army knife of excuses.
We need to realize that if we wait around to FIND the time to do something then it will never happen.
There is never going to be extra hours in a day, so we need a wake up call.
The only way you can make any changes in this busy life we live is by MAKING time for yourself!
We find time to watch endless hours of our favorite shows on DVR yet we can't MAKE time to take steps towards bettering ourselves or are families.
I know all to well how demanding our lives can be with a hungry 1-month-old baby dictating life here at home.
If I can make the time to work on successfully making a lifestyle change than anyone should be able to.
I know not everyone is up doing 3 a.m. feedings, so I challenge everyone to take a moment for some self-evaluation to determine if there are aspects in your lives that you need to make time for.
I hope that everyone can take that leap of faith to create a better tomorrow for themselves by understanding that you ARE worth it!

Wishing everyone the best,