HOME EAR EXAMINATION: A home ear examination can help parents detect many ear problems; such as, ear infections, excessive earwax, or an object in the ear canal.Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD, from Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology created a smartphone-enabled otoscope for remote diagnosis of pediatric ear infections.  The Remotoscope is a clip-on attachment and software app that turns an iPhone into a digital otoscope.

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TREATMENT: The goal of treatment for most doctors is to rid the middle ear of infection before more serious complications set in. Treatment usually involves eliminating the causes of the ear infection, killing any invading bacteria, boosting the immune system, and reducing swelling in the Eustachian tube. Doctors typically prescribe an antibiotic to treat the infection, usually Amoxicillin, but there are home remedies, such as:


  • Steam inhalations or a warm compress
  • When bottle feeding, make sure the baby is in an upright position
  • Gargling with salt water helps soothe an aggravated throat and may help clear the Eustachian tubes

(SOURCE: www.webmd.com)

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Wilbur A. Lam, MD, PhD

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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta / Emory University School of Medicine