(NewsUSA) - For most women, getting on the scale every morning can be an exercise in frustration. They've eaten well, they've spent hours in the gym and still the needle wobbles in the same spot with little to no fluctuation.

While age, genetics and metabolism certainly play a part in a women's ability to lose weight, experts say there may be more involved. According to statistics, 72 million women in the United States suffer from bloating, or a general swelling of the abdominal area. Women can feel full and tight around the stomach area and even gain weight due to bloating.

But one company is doing its best to aid women in their weight-loss efforts.

"Bloating can cause a temporary weight gain of five to eight pounds," says Gina Broccolo, co-founder of Integrity Health Products and a developer of Beat the Bloat, an all-natural supplement that combats bloating. "It is its own beast, and nothing can kill a woman's confidence like feeling bloated."

Beat the Bloat combines dandelion leaf, green tea, peppermint leaf and asparagus root extract to relieve the discomfort of bloating, improve digestion, help eliminate gas from the intestines, rid retained water from the body and increase gastro-intestinal motility.

Besides taking a daily supplement, experts suggest that women combat bloating through the following means:

- Drink eight glasses of water a day. When the body retains water, it creates uncomfortable bloating. Staying hydrated will help prevent water retention.

- Avoid certain foods. Often, the body bloats when it cannot digest foods easily. Common culprits include wheat, dairy, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, lettuce, apples, peaches, pairs, chewing gum and hard candy. You should also avoid fatty foods -; fat takes longer to digest, so it stays in the stomach longer and can contribute to bloating.

- Take a walk. Taking an easy walk after eating a meal increases metabolism and can aid the body's digestion.