Holly Van Delden calls them the "beer bandits" -- the group of four young men who burglarized the Alamo Golf Club early Wednesday morning, stealing two cases of beer.

Van Delden, who is the club's president and general manager, believes it was the same young men that burglarized the club twice more in the last five months.

"The first and second time, they stole far more beer, however," said Van Delden. "Maybe they just didn't get what they wanted for Christmas."

The four men are clearly seen on video trying to get into the storage room where the beer is kept.

Thwarted by a locked front door, one of the men slipped through a 10-inch gap between a wall and the room's tin roof, and unlocked the door for the others.

"It seems like an awful lot of work to go through for two cases of beer, but I guess young men will do stuff like that," said Van Delden.

Losses for the club have reached nearly $1,000 from the three burglaries, including repair costs for a broken door.

"It's just really frustrating to deal with this again," said Van Delden, who installed extra security cameras after the last burglary.

She had hoped the young men wouldn't strike again, but they did, and now San Antonio police are handling the case.