There was nothing unique about a pair of robberies that happened late Monday, except for the thief's choice of footwear.

Police said a robber wearing either slippers or sandals with socks tried to rob a convenience store on the 110 block of Fresno late Monday night.

The clerk at that store ran and hid, and the robber fled without getting any money.

Just minutes later, another convenience store was robbed just blocks away from the first robbery.

Police said the suspect in that robbery had the same motive and description, leading to the possibility that both crimes are related.

"Typically, these guys just hit one location and then flee," said San Antonio police spokesman Officer Matt Porter. "But sometimes they get brazen and think they can get away with more, so they hit multiple spots in the same area."

Surveillance footage has bee requested from both locations, according to police, and robbery detectives are actively working both cases.