John Michael Keyes daughter was shot and killed by a gunman who entered her high school in September of 2006.
Keyes now operates a foundation dedicated to making sure others know how to react in crisis.
The "I Love You Guys" Foundation, the name taken from a text message Keyes' daughter sent during the ordeal, provides free research material to students, parents, and first responders alike.
"There was a void that we saw where students, staff, and first responders didn't share a common vocabulary during a crisis," Keyes said.
Because of that, Keyes developed one – Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.
Keyes' goal is to provide a succinct action plan that everyone knows how to follow, a la "Stop, Drop and Roll."
"If we teach a kids from the time their in Kindergarten a uniform set of rules, they don't have to learn anything new and they can learn and train in the same way everytime."
To see more about Keyes action plan, and to download the materials including talking points to discuss these actions with your children, click here.

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