'Stilts' the kitten gets second chance at life

San Antonio Pets Alive save 'stilts' and many others

Author: Justin Horne, Meteorologist/Reporter, jhorne@ksat.com
Published On: Sep 19 2012 04:45:51 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 19 2012 05:43:48 PM CDT

San Antonio Pets Alive continues to make strong push to get San Antonio labeled a “no-kill city."

It has become a tall task, as animals come in daily with injuries that would often call for them to be euthanized.

That includes one such kitten that was brought into ACS Tuesday night. Given the name Stilts because he arrived with four bandaged and burned feet, he was given a second chance by San Antonio Pets Alive.

"He’s eating, he’s active, he’s playful; he’s in pain, obviously, but he’s not that inhibited by what happened to him,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, executive director of San Antonio Pets Alive.

It is a scenario that SAPA sees on a daily basis.

While Jefferson was removing Stilts' bandages, a second kitten was rushed in with injuries that in the past would result in such a kitten being put down.

"His little leg is broken above and below the knee,” said Jefferson.

She believed it was caused by a car and would require an amputation. Jefferson quickly sent a plea for a donor to sponsor $350 towards surgery. He would also require a foster family.

"Because so many are coming in, we have nowhere to put them, to store them, to wait; we've got a few hours usually,” said Jefferson.

As for what caused Stilts’ injuries, Jefferson said it was hard to say.

"It may have been a dragging injury of some sort (but) I don’t know what could cause that,” he said.

Stilts now needs a foster home for his recovery and an eventual forever home. If you would like to help, you can visit San Antonio Pets Alive at www.sanantoniopetsalive.org.

San Antonio Pets Alive push to make SA a 'no-kill' city

Published On: Sep 19 2012 04:45:21 PM CDT

San Antonio Pets Alive push to make SA a 'no-kill' city. Its a tough task as animals come in daily with injuries that would often call for euthanization. That includes this kitten called Stilts.

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