'Summer of Love' means animal adoption savings

Author: Myra Arthur, Reporter, Anchor, marthur@ksat.com
Published On: Jun 08 2012 05:13:43 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 08 2012 01:03:08 PM CDT

It is enough to make some people barking mad: the thought of a cute, cuddly animal being put down.

But that is sometimes a reality at Animal Care Services, where more people than ever are handing over their pets.

“The more animals we take in, the more space we have to have,” said Jeanne Saadi, with ACS Adoption Services. “So if they're not getting out alive by a rescue, foster or adopter, then unfortunately we have to make space by euthanizing the animals.”

To show the animals a little love,  ACS is hosting its "Summer of Love."

Starting Monday, June 11, you can adopt a dog for just $50. That’s more than a $30 discount.

ACS is also placing paper hearts on the kennels of certain dogs designating them "ACS Sweethearts," which means they cost just $25 to adopt.

You can save on adopting cats, too. While it normally costs $29 to adopt a cat or kitten, it will cost you $15 during this “Summer of Love.”

There are also promotions like “Two Fur Tuesdays” when you can adopt two cats for the price of one. On “Free Feline Fridays,” you can adopt cats for free.

Virginia Laporte loves cats and was ready to adopt a kitten Friday. No matter the price, she says she is getting a great deal.

“They’re company to me,” said Laporte, “and I’m company to them.”

She says rescuing the kitten gives her more life, which gives a whole new meaning to a "summer of savings."

The discounted price includes spaying and neutering, vaccinations, worm testing and prevention, a city license and microchip.

On Monday, June 11, ACS will let you name your own adoption price for dogs and cats. They are asking for a minimum of $5.

The adoption discounts last through August 31.