The search for hit-and-run suspect Isidro Espinosa Solis has ended. SAPD says the 39 year-old Solis was arrested Friday night in Laredo.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says he tried to cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico.

Espinosa Solis is the suspect in the death of 9 year-old Tatyana Babineaux. The girl died after being hit by a truck Wednesday morning as she walked to school. Police say the driver took off and left her to die.

Friday SAPD released the name of the suspect, Isidro Espinosa Solis, and said he would face charges of failure to stop and render aid in connection with Tatyana's death.

Earlier Friday, police say they got a tip about where the truck Espinosa Solis allegedly drove was located. They found that badly damaged truck in the 100 block of Fay.

Hours after releasing Espinosa Solis' ID police said they had unconfirmed reports he'd been arrested in Laredo.

Then around 12:30 a.m. Saturday police confirmed Espinosa Solis was in custody.

Saturday U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed details of Espinosa Solis' arrest.

They say officers stopped Espinosa Solis as he attempted to walk across a border bridge into the U.S. They conducted a secondary search after Espinosa Solis showed no ID or citizenship papers.

Customs says during that secondary search officers saw Espinosa Solis was wanted by SAPD in connection with Tatyana's death. Officers then transported him to the Webb Co. jail where he remains.

Police Chief William McManus said Saturday Espinosa Solis was attempting to cross the border when federal law enforcement personnel arrested him.

"You can run but you'll find it very difficult to hide for any length of time when law enforcement is looking for you because the communications networks between law enforcement agencies makes it very very difficult for anyone to try and avoid apprehension," said McManus.

He said communication and cooperation between law enforcement agencies makes it difficult for anyone to escape apprehension.

SAPD says Espinosa Solis will now be charged, likely with failure to stop and render aid/serious bodily injury or death.