The 13th Floor haunted house offered those looking for something a little different on Valentine's Day a chance to get their heart racing with a frightful adventure through their building.

For many Valentine's Day is a day of flowers, chocolates and romance.  But others like to get their hearts racing in a different way -- with a haunted house. For the first time, the 13th Floor haunted house on 1203 E. Commerce opened its doors on Valentine's Day for "Valentine X."

"I can't think of a better date night than to bring your girl to a haunted house and have her holding all over you as you go through a haunted house," said general manager Greg Salyers.  "It's a great way for couples to spend some time together and it's something different."

"We just wanted to do something different, something fun and I like scary stuff," added Desiree Wellborn, one of the first to arrive before the doors opened Friday night.

Unlike the Halloween adventure, this one is a lot more open ended. Guests armed with an electric candle make their way through a pitch dark arena of fright.

"It was dark, really foggy, really loud and it was actually really fun," said Mark Rodriguez who went through the haunted house with his wife, Catrina Rodriguez.

The 13th Floor will open its door Saturday night as well from 7:30 p.m. -10:30 p.m.