A man is facing animal cruelty charges after Bexar County sheriff's deputies said he neglected 14 dogs.

On Tuesday, deputies seized the dogs and turned them over to Animal Care Services.

The property owner had apparently told deputies he was running an animal rescue facility.

During the month of August, deputies had been monitoring the property but said the dogs' bowls of food and water were never full. They had been stopping by to provide food and water.

"The owner claims that it's an animal rescue facility, but as you're out here you can see there's no evidence of any kind of rescue operations taking place," said Paul Berry, Bexar County chief communications officer.

Deputies decided to take action when they determined the property owner had not been complying with what they had asked.

"Our deputies for the last month have been working with the owner of this property and he just hasn't been as cooperative as we need him to be," said Berry.

A hearing is expected to take place next week to determine where the dogs will go next.