"On February the 5th 2013  Chief Taylor of the Waelder Police Department and myself decided that we needed to release a statement as to where the department stands on matters pertaining to the second amendment of the constitution of the United States. I have included a copy of this for your viewing or distribution. Both Chief Taylor and I have long been firm supporters of citizen's 2nd amendment rights. We have both taken an oath of Office swearing to uphold the constitution of the United States. We have both decided that we want it to be known, and also as public record, that neither ourselves nor any member of the Waelder Police Dept. will support, enforce, or contribute to the enforcement of any federal laws that will attempt to deprive any citizen of their 2nd amendment rights. We will also not support, aid, or contribute to any federal agency attempting to do so. We stand with the citizens of the great State of Texas and will not allow our rights to be infringed. In the words of our forefathers that fought for Texas independence we stand firm and want to deliver the same message to the federal government, which was delivered to our former oppressors. Come and take it!!!"