Animal Care Services seized 19 dogs from a home on the 1000 block of West Mally Street Tuesday afternoon.

Vincent Medley, ACS assistant director, says the dogs were living in "cruel conditions" and many of them had sores, hair loss and little access to food and water.

"They were in a crowded area where there are stacks and stacks of furniture," said Medley. "Several of them, probably 10, were kept in a 7x7 room and they urinated and defecated in that area."

ACS says it visited the home numerous times over the last few years and issued multiple citations.

Medley says the owners did not comply, so ACS obtained a warrant to remove the dogs, something neighbors say they've been hoping for.

"It's good because jut yesterday, he was outside and I said, ‘No, baby you can't,’” says neighbor Mary Rivera, referring to her 11-year-old grandson, Luciano, who wanted to play outside.

Rivera says the child has not been allowed to play outside when the dogs are around after one of them bit him last fall.

“He crept up on me and slid with his claws out,” said Luciano. “I started running and he ran after me and stuck his teeth out and bit the back of my calf.”

Police took 32-year-old Michael Hernandez, who lives at the home, into custody on outstanding warrants unrelated to the seizure.

ACS says it does expect animal cruelty charges to be filed in the case.

The dogs will remain in the custody of ACS until an animal cruelty hearing can be set within 10 days.