Carolina Ruiz and her brother have been looking forward to the Alamo City Comicon for months. 

They're both thrilled to be among the thousands of die-hard comic fans at the downtown convention center Friday. 

All are looking forward to three glorious days of celebrating television shows, movies, comics, games and the culture that surrounds them.

Ruiz hopes this will be the beginning of bigger and better 'cons to come.

“If you show more local support, maybe next time they'll bring more comicons and better stars will come -- (like) the stars that go to Austin versus San Antonio," said Ruiz.

Some fans travelled from Houston to San Antonio to show off their costume. 

George Medina is Dr. Octopus from Spider Man. He said it took him two months to get his costume together.

“I think it weighs around 30 pounds (and) gets heavier throughout the day," said Medina.

Some 10,000 tickets were pre-sold for the Alamo City Comicon event, and an additional 10,000 more people are expected to attend over the weekend. 

If you’re interested in attending , tickets are $10-$85 for general admission. 

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