2 Lackland instructors referred to courts-martial

12 cases of misconduct by military instructors investigated in 2012

Published On: Jun 26 2012 06:59:39 PM CDT
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Two Air Force military instructors at Lackland Air Force Base have been referred to a special courts-martial as part of an investigation of sexual misconduct by the base's instructors.

Both Master Sgt. Jamey Crawford and Technical Sgt. Christopher Smith were assigned to the 737th Training Group at Lackland.

Crawford is accused of having a sexual relationship with a basic training, and supplying alcohol and drinking it with the trainee.

Smith is accused of making sexual advances to a trainee, carrying on a personal and social relationship with a second trainee, and obstruction of justice.

Trials dates for both men have not yet been set.

So far this year, 12 cases of alleged misconduct by Lackland military instructors have been investigated. Of those 12, seven cases involved alleged misconduct by the instructors with trainees during basic training.