2 cabbies attacked in 2 weeks

Local cab drivers stepping up security

Author: Stephanie Serna, Reporter, sserna@ksat.com
Published On: Jan 27 2012 09:57:28 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 27 2012 10:24:31 PM CST

Some cab drivers are being more cautious when picking up passengers, after two cab drivers were attacked in the last two weeks.

One incident happened just after 2:30 a.m. Friday morning after a cab driver picked up a man at the Red Roof Inn in the 1100 block of East Houston Street.

Police said the man, whose name has not been released, overpowered the taxi driver and took off with his cab.

Callers later reported seeing the cab going the wrong way on I-37, but when police tracked it down, the suspect tried to run away.

Officers eventually found him hiding in a ditch near the AT&T Parkway and Gimber Road and arrested him.

They found the cab on the tracks near I-35, south of Binz-Engleman.

The cab driver in this case, was okay, but that was little comfort to some driver KSAT talked to on Friday, especially after another incident last week where a passenger pulled a knife on a cabbie and took off with his wallet.

"When it happens to my colleague, it could be me," said John Jahanara. "Or it could be another person like me."

However, Peggy Hendricks who has been driving for three years told KSAT that she believes she hasn't had a problem because she stays away from bars.

"I only work  the airport and the hotels downtown," said Hendricks "I don't pick up at bars or streets. That's probably safest."

And although some cab drivers said they are being more cautious about who they pick up, they still never know what could happen.

"We don't have nothing to defend ourselves," said Jahanara. "There is no security. That's the way it's been. That's the way it is."