Two families were burnt out of their homes Saturday morning, after a fire broke out at a small apartment complex on the city's southeast side.

Officials said the fire occurred just before 10 am in the 2500 block of Hicks.

Amy Jones, who lives down the street, said she saw the smoke and flames, and took some footage with her phone.

"Flames started shooting out of the side and it's just traveled all the way through the attic," said Jones. "You could just see the smoke coming out. You could see it traveling, everybody screaming, 'Get out, get out.' It was pretty intense."

Fire officials said the fire broke out in the bedroom of Apartment One and because of the windy conditions, it spread quickly throughout that one unit.

However, they were able to keep it from spreading to the other units.

"What we got here is pretty light weight construction," said Captain Gabriel Ortega with the San Antonio Fire Department. "It was spreading through the attic pretty rapidly. We got pretty good wind, so it was contributing to the fire spread. The firefighters got in there and put a real good stop on it."

Jones said the fire hits really close to home because she used to live at that complex and she's just glad the residents that live there now, made it out okay.

"It could have been so much worse, so much worse," said Jones. "Especially the old man in Apartment One, he's disabled and I'm just very, very thankful that they got him out."

Ortega said most of the damage happened in Apartment One, but there's still smoke and water damage in Apartment Two.

Ortega said the cause of the fire was accidental and that they are estimating about $50,000 worth of damage there.