More than a year after a road rage accident that left a 2-year-old boy paralyzed from the neck down, Kirby police have arrested one of the two people indicted in the crime.

Armando Garza, 41, was arrested Thursday night. He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury.

The road rage accident happened in October of last year.

Sergeant Michael Alonzo with the Kirby Police Department said Garza and another man wanted in the accident, Robert Brown, were going back and forth at each other on the road about a mile away from the police department.

Alonzo said that's when Garza slammed on his breaks, causing Brown to hit him and send his truck onto oncoming traffic, where he slammed into Randy Nelson's car.
Nelson's son, Braylon, 2, was in the back seat and was severely injured.

"There are many instances in San Antonio and throughout Bexar County where people have died over this stuff," said Alonzo. "They can't control their emotions where somebody cuts somebody off. Unfortunately, you have a tragic event like this that could have easily been avoided if those people have cleared their heads."

Alonzo said they do not have Robert Brown in custody at this time because his attorney advised him not to be at home, but there is still a warrant out for his arrest.

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