2 meat markets rack up nearly 100 demerits

Culebra Super Meat Market, Pinn Road Meat Market fail inspection

Published On: Jul 18 2012 03:27:05 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 18 2012 03:30:14 AM CDT

Two local meat markets didn't meet the health department's expectations and failed their latest inspections.

Metro Health just handed Culebra Super Meat Market on Old Pearsall Road a whopping 50 demerits. Their violations included:

The manager of the Culebra Super Meat Market told KSAT's Behind the Kitchen Door their coolers were on defrost too long and that caused food temperature issues.

He says a leak attracted the gnats and that's been repaired, and the staff re-used a salsa container and forgot to change the date label. He says Metro Health came back on July 12 and was satisfied with their efforts.

Pinn Road Meat Market on Pinn Road just received 48 demerits on their latest inspection. Their violations included:

KSAT's Behind the Kitchen Door was unsuccessful in reaching Pinn Road Meat Market by phone. Metro Health was due back for a re-inspection around July 8. 

The following locations received zero demerits on their latest inspection:

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