After a three-week-long investigation, Bexar County Sheriff's officials say they've caught two men they believe are responsible for stealing cattle in East Bexar County. 

Cameron Hoagland, 19, and Malcolm Brietzky, 19, stole the livestock, then sold them at auction, investigators said.

“From what I'm told by investigators, this is a crime we're seeing on the rise, and we're expecting other arrest,” said Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Paul Berry.

Berry said a total of six head of cattle were stolen and sold, and the men profited about $4,000 from the sale.

While being escorted to jail on Friday, Hoagland (pictured) told KSAT 12 he needed the money to “help pay for my family's bills.”

Sheriff's office officials say the were initially contacted by the property owner and found clues to where the cattle might be.

“These gentlemen were delivering these cattle late in the night, very early morning around 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.,” Berry said. “And because their addresses were so close to the auction house, they found that a little suspicious.”

After the investigation, three of six head of cattle have been returned to their rightful owner.

Both Hoagland and Brietzky will be charged with felony theft of livestock, and are fully cooperating with authorities.

Berry said more arrests are expected.

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