Two San Antonio Fire Department firefighters have been dispatched to Oklahoma to help with recovery following a deadly tornado.

The pair went with an elite search and rescue team from Texas called Texas Task Force 1.

Gov. Rick Perry on Monday night announced activation of the task force after a massive twister Monday afternoon in the Moore, Okla., area left at least two dozen people dead.

The Texas rescue group includes about 70 first responders who specialize in victim extraction and medical treatment. The team also includes search and rescue dogs, hazardous material specialists and structural engineers.

Members of Texas Task Force 1 last month deployed to the town of West after a fertilizer plant explosion that's claimed 15 lives.

According to an SAFD spokesman, a medical strike team that had been placed on standby have been called off.

Additionally, the seven-member Alamo Incident Management Team have now been placed on standby. There has been no word when or if they will be deployed. The SAFD spokesman said that is the same group that deployed to New York following Hurricane Sandy.