It's been a long road to recovery for one San Antonio police officer who was hit by a pickup truck at the scene of an accident two years ago.

Officer Jonathan Esquivel said Feb. 19, 2012, was like a bad dream.

He said he was helping a fellow officer clear an accident off Loop 410 when a driver who was texting hit him head-on.

"Apparently, this guy wasn't paying attention," said Esquivel. "He looked up from his phone and saw my patrol car and jerked his wheel real fast and hit me on the left side of my body."

Esquivel was in a coma for nearly two months with a shattered pelvis and several broken bones.

Police said initially Esquivel's prognosis was very grim; for him not only to survive but to regain the ability to walk has amazed his doctors.

"It's a tough rehab process," he said. "I'm still going through it. I knew I had to do it for the right reasons. I had to keep doing  it. I want to get back to doing this job."

Esquivel got back on the job with the department in October as a photographer, taking pictures of other officers doing their job and editing photos.

And while Esquivel said he is glad to be back at the San Antonio Police Department and that he enjoys his new job, he said he still can't wait to get back in uniform and back out on the road, working traffic.

"My whole problem is my nerves growing on my left leg (and) on my foot, and the doctors can't do any surgery for it," he said. "There is no medication for it. So it's just a time thing."

For now, Esquivel said he is thankful for all the support. But most of all, he said he's glad to be back with his family.

"I'm glad I got to be with my kids still for the rest of their lives (and) my family, my wife -- everybody," he said.

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