After seven years of production of its second generation, Toyota debuted its latest version of its Tundra pickup truck.

The 2014 Tundra new features are primarily cosmetic.

"A more chiseled design on the exterior, as well as a lot more refinement on the interior. Different segments for the driver and passenger," said Shawn Vaughan, general manager of Toyota of Boerne.

In recent months, Tundras have been flying off local dealership lots.

"The San Antonio market, in terms of truck sales, is on fire," Vaughan said. "We're up about 30 percent in terms of the industry here in San Antonio, which is a lot more than other markets that the Tundra is in."

Having the plant that builds the Tundra in San Antonio likely helps drive those steady local sales.

Having a product that sells so well -- not just locally, but nationally -- is a major source of pride.

"Every single Tundra and Tacoma made in the entire world is made right here," Vaughan said. "So the multiplier effect on what that truck plant does for our community is huge."

This next version features new accessory packages, including a "1794 Edition." The 1794 is a tribute to the ranch on San Antonio's far south side on which the Toyota plant was built. 

In 1794, Juan Ignacio Perez de Casanova founded El Rancho Grande, which eventually became the Walsh Ranch, prior to Toyota purchasing it.