Mike Gallagher, M. Katherine Scheidel, and Donald Flanary have been selected as finalists to fill the vacant San Antonio City Council District 10 seat.

Gallagher is a retired Air Force veteran; Scheidel is a retired Army veteran; and Flanary is an attorney.

The appointee will fill-in for former District 10 Councilman Carlton Soules, who stepped down to run for county judge.

The three finalists were chosen from a field of five applicants interviewed Wednesday.

One of the main issues council members questioned the candidates on was the looming Base Realignment and Closure process.

“We're going to see a cutback in our forces so we have to make sure that San Antonio remains the center for the military and protect all of our assets the best we can," said Gallagher.

City and county officials have already started preparing their case to keep local military installations open.

The person appointed to fill-in will have to add their voice to that process.

“Should we have any closings that we can't stop, we need to promote other areas -- the medical fields and the intelligence fields. We have a lot of those here in San Antonio so hopefully we can prevent this,” said Flanary.

“We've lost some of the bases, but we've actually added personnel,” said Scheidel. ”That helps us as far as our economic position. We really stand to gain.”

The appointee will be chosen during the council’s regular meeting Thursday and sworn-in immediately.

He or she will serve until the special election in May.

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