3 hurt in drive-by shooting at recording studio

SAPD: More than 15 shots fired

Author: Jenna Hiller, Reporter, jhiller@ksat.com
Published On: Jul 13 2012 12:43:22 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 13 2012 12:57:20 PM CDT

Shots were flying from two vehicles around 10:20 p.m. on Thursday -- all apparently aimed at a recording studio at East Drexel and South Hackberrry, San Antonio police said.

Bullets grazed two men who were outside, police said. A woman in a nearby taco truck was also hit in the leg. She was taken to Downtown Baptist for treatment.

"Some guys came out of the recording studio (and were) going around the car and then I think they shot at the car, and while we're doing this, watching this (and) watching the people and stuff from our house, we heard all the commotion," said Ramon Donato, who was at a house across the street during the shooting.

Donato said he was watching TV when the first shots were fired.

Thinking it was over, he said he went outside to investigate. But the two vehicles, described as a maroon SUV and a black four-door car, made a U-turn and came back for another round.

Donato said he didn't stick around to see what happened next, but he knows what he heard.

"I would say anywhere between 12 and 18 shots, and maybe more," he said.

Police said investigators found at least 15 shell casings from two weapons at the scene.

The man who owns the building with the recording studio had strong words about the future of the recording studio. He said this will be the first and last time something like this happens, because he's kicking the business out of his building.

"I think that sounds pretty good," Donato said.