For months, Ryan Ellen Cavarra has been looking forward to her 30th birthday. This year, to commemorate her special day, instead of receiving gifts, she gave them. Cavarra decided to give 30 different gifts to 30 different people.

"So many people these days are selfish and in a hurry," said Cavarra. "Just slow down and think of others."

Cavarra called it her 30 random acts of kindness. She documented and photographed almost all of them. She made Christmas cookies with her kids and dropped them off to different fire stations in the area. In another picture are her children with some of the gifts to senior citizens her family adopted over the holidays. 

She thanked her mother for showing her the importance of kindness.

"Seeing the smiles on their faces, the hugs I got, people that were in shock that I didn't want money for what I was trying to hand to them," said Cavarra.

But one person Cavarra made sure was on the list -- her neighbor Sara Burckhard.

"I did not feel like it should have gone to me, but it was very special of her to have thought of me like that," said Burckhard.

Burckhard is a wife, mother and all around busy lady. Cavarra thought she needed a little massage therapy.

"It was a really nice surprise," Burckhard said. "It made me feel really good and inspired me to do the same thing."

"I am blessed, thanks to my husband, so I just feel like this is my opportunity to give back," said Cavarra.

Cavarra's 30 random acts of kindness cost her about $400. She said it was a very small price to pay for the priceless hugs and smiles she received along the way. 

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