Four people have applied to fill what will soon be a vacant City Council District 10 seat.

The applicants are: Mike Gallagher, Jo Martin, Danielle Cunningham and Brian Birdy.

Jan. 16 Update: Two more people have submitted applications to fill the District 10 city council seat. They are M. Katherine Scheidel (US Army ret.) and Donald Flanary (Attorney).

Current District 10 Councilman Carlton Soules is stepping down at the end of January to run for county judge.

Soules said the right person for the job will be the candidate who has community support.

“The most important thing is, out in District 10, that the neighborhood alliance and the actual neighborhood organizations get behind a candidate,” Soules said.

The Northeast Neighborhood Alliance, which is made up of 85 neighborhoods throughout City Council districts 9 and 10, is supporting Mike Gallagher.

NNA President and former District 10 Councilman John Clamp said Gallagher’s familiarity with district residents make him the best choice for the position.

“He knows what the issues are in the district,” Clamp said. “He can pick up the projects myself and Councilman Soules have been working on. He can take those to the goal line.”

Gallagher retired from the Air Force after nearly three decades of service. He also spent time in the White House as President Ronald Regan’s social aid.

Gallagher said in order to improve public safety and increase economic revitalization in District 10, residents need a continuity of leadership, which is why he plans to run in the special election in May.

“This is a special case. If you think about it, (the term) will be less than four months and what we really don’t need is caretaker leader,” Gallagher said. “What we want is someone who can continue that process into the future.”

The six applicants will be interviewed on Jan. 29.

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