The last surviving family member from Monday’s DWI-related crash has died today, after his family took him off life support.

Abram Demers, 8, joins his mother Roxanna, 31, and brothers, Silas, 9, Jeshua, 4, and Ezra, 1, as victims of the crash.

Police have accused the boys’ father, Larry Demers, 35, of driving drunk while coming home from a party.

Demers allegedly lost control of his car and crashed into a bulldozer in a construction site.

“I do not remember a circumstance as horrific as this as far as the number of loss of lives,” said Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Demers has been remanded in jail since the accident, and will likely sit there for much longer.

Reed expects to charge Demers with five counts of felony murder. 

The murder charges can be applied in this case because he was driving drunk with children under 15 years of age in the car, a felony.