An 8-year-old boy was recently wounded in a freak shooting accident in Wilson County.

According to Sheriff Joe Tackitt, the boy walked outside of his house on Sunday afternoon and heading to the garage for an ice cream, when he was struck in the calf by a stray bullet.

The bullet was allegedly fired over 250 yards away at a street sign indicating a sharp curve in the road.

The sign is approximately 8 feet tall, forcing anyone who shoots at it to aim upward.

One of the bullets went through the sign, arced upwards over a large hill, several buildings, and some trees, before coming down and striking the boy, Tackitt said.

"You hear about things happening like this elsewhere, but you never expect to see it in your area," Tackitt said.

Tackitt said there are no suspects in the case so far. The sign is in a rural area, making the possibility of witnesses to the crime very unlikely.

The sheriff appealed to the community for help in finding those who did it and urged residents to find safer places for target practice.

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