90 criminal immigrants arrested in ICE roundup

25 arrested in SA area

Author: Charles Gonzalez, Reporter, Anchor, cgonzalez@ksat.com
Published On: Dec 17 2012 06:37:41 PM CST

Immigration and Customs Enforcement's "Operation Bear III" netted 90 aliens, many with criminal records over the past week.
The joint operation included local, state and federal authorities as well as the public calling in on ICE's tip line, 1-866-DHS-2ICE. 25 of the arrests were in the San Antonio area, 33 in the Rio Grande Valley, 14 in Laredo, 13 in Austin and five in Waco. 85 of those arrested were convicted criminals.
"They were convicted of various offenses ranging from DUI to assault with a deadly weapon to unlawful possession of a firearm," said Enrique Lucero, director of ICE's San Antonio field office. "It's also important to know that of these 90, 13 have been accepted for prosecution at the U.S. Attorney's office and are facing re-entry after deportation charges which is a felony punishable by up to 20 years."
Many of those arrested are already in criminal proceedings waiting to be deported. Those arrested represent seven countries with 83 from Mexico.
"I think this sends a clear message to convicted criminal aliens living in Texas, that this is not a safe haven for you. If we know your whereabouts, we will target you and we will arrest you," said Lucero.

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