This Thanksgiving, 43.6 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, according to AAA's Thanksgiving Travel Forecast.

That is slightly more than last year, when 43.3 million Americans traveled for the holiday.

Ninety percent of those travelers, 39.1 million people are expected to travel by automobile.

The national average for a gallon of gasoline has fallen nearly 40 cents since early October, and AAA expects it to fall further.

By the holiday, the projected price for a gallon of gas is between $3.25 and $3.40.

Robin Mayberry is thankful for falling gas prices, because it means her six hour trip to Wichita Falls won't come at quite the premium.

"We are taking our truck and pulling our travel trailer," she said.

Her Turkey Day tour of Texas is almost 400 miles.

AAA predicts the average distance traveled will be even further than that, 588 miles.

That's down from an average trip of 706 miles last year.

For Mayberry, Wichita Falls is far enough.

"We both drive trucks and our gas mileage is awful. Our gas bill is outrageous," she said.

Esmael Orosco is planning to celebrate at home in San Antonio. His sisters are hitting the road instead.

"One of them is coming from Dallas and two others are coming from Houston," he said.

Come Christmas, whether gas prices are up or down, he said he'll be the one traveling.

"We save up. We save up for our travels if we plan to travel, we'll save up and that'll take care of that," Orosco said.