A local boy whose final wish was to push all the buttons as he rode in an elevator, passed away last Thursday, after a life-long battle with cancer.

In September, the Make-A-Wish Foundation held a special event at the Weston Center for Alan Sanders, 5, where he was greeted by office workers as he visited each floor on the elevator.

“He just had this will, that just kept on going and going, right up till the end,” said Judy Sanders, Alan’s mother.

Though devastated by the loss of her child, Sanders said that she is grateful for the time she was able to spend with her son.

“We would take him out, live every day, get messy,” said Sanders. “And so we had four really great months. We got to celebrate his birthday, we got to do Santa photos, we got to let him see fireworks. So, as hard as it was to lose him, we've had that time.”

With Alan’s visitation service planned for this Friday, the Sanders family says they will continue to bring awareness to childhood cancer, a disease that affects families worldwide.

“He was so sharp, so bright, and we just cried knowing that he wouldn't be able to fill that potential,” said Sanders. “And that's what childhood cancer is taking away from all of us. This amazing potential that is being lost to the world. Not just Alan, but all kids.”

In Alan’s memory, the Sanders family says they will continue to raise money to endow a research fund at MD Anderson, the cancer center where Alan was being treated.

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