Alamo Heights School Foundation Presents $100,000 in grants to teachers

58 teachers in the district get grant money

Author: Jenna Hiller, Reporter,
Published On: Nov 14 2012 12:21:57 PM CST

The Alamo Heights School Foundation is rewarding 58 teachers in the district $100,000 worth of grants.

Ann Krause, president of the foundation, said making the check presentations is one of her favorite experiences each year.

"I've seen tears. I've seen clapping, jumping up and down and the kids get so excited. We make sure that we reward the teachers when the kids are in the class," Krause said.

Woodridge Elementary teacher Lindsay Rouse and reading specialist Suzanne Rea received grant money for Reading CAFE. They'll use the money for online resources that suggest different strategies and lessons for each child's reading style.

"This gives us a way to meet every child at the level that they are reading. So you can have emergent readers, you can have advanced readers, and they all can benefit from this grant," Rouse said.

Teacher Charlotte Dolat helps lead an after-school program at Woodridge Elementary that teaches girls about engineering, math, science and technology.

Part of the inspiration for the program, called GEMS, was Dolat's own experience in math and science.

"I was always hesitant with math and science, and then when I started teaching, I just fell in love with it. We kind of start to see a decline with girls as they get older, and we want to make that momentum keep going," she said.

GEMS started this year, and there are already 160 girls participating.

The Alamo Heights school foundation presented grants at the district's elementary schools on Wednesday and will present more grants to teachers at the junior and high schools on Thursday.