The San Antonio ISD school board unanimously agreed to move ahead with possibly re-zoning Alamo Stadium as an historical landmark. 

The move comes two months after the city's Historic Design and Review Commission supported a finding of historic significance.

"We're excited that Alamo Stadium not only is being invested in with the renovations but is a treasure for not just SAISD but the entire community," said board President Ed Garza during a meeting Monday.

The move comes as $35 million in improvements to the stadium and neighboring convocation center continue to be put on hold.  This new process could delay the project even further.

"What we have to do today is balance what we promised the taxpayers in terms of staying on budget with our schools and the stadium and all of our facilities but at the same time we find ways to work with the local historic review commission and find out what we can do to enhance the projects and not delay the projects," added Garza.

The process could last through July.