It's been more than a year since someone murdered Valerie Gonzales' sister, 21-year-old Connie Reynosa.

Reynosa and her 21-year-old boyfriend Jesse Rodriguez were fatally shot on February 10, 2012.

Despite checking in weekly with detectives assigned to the case, Gonzales said the investigation hasn't progressed very much.

"They're still at square one, nothing so far. A year has gone by and we still haven't got any answers," Gonzales said. "They still haven't got anything. I mean it's just an unsolved murder for her and her boyfriend."

The couple and a friend were all shot shortly after leaving Stacy's Sports Bar on Blanco Road. Someone pulled up next to the car and opened fire. Reynosa tried to speed away but her car crashed through a fence at Fresno and IH-10.

Gonzales said her younger sister wasn't one to get into fights and didn't know her boyfriend to be a troublemaker either.

"She never really drank, that was rare of her to even be in a bar and look at what happens, she goes out and ends up getting killed," Gonzales said.

Reynosa's death left her two young kids, ages 4 and 5, without a mom and a lot of questions. Questions the rest of the family has never been able to answer.

"I don't understand who would do this to them or why they did this to them," Gonzales said.

Shortly after the murders family members put up a memorial for the couple where they died. They've had to rebuild it several times in the past 12 months because someone keeps destroying it.

"They break their crosses, tear out the flowers and bust their balloons," Gonzales said. "I just don't understand why somebody is doing this. Why are they ruining their stuff? Just let them rest in peace already."

Gonzales believes whoever is tearing up the memorial probably knows something about the murder.

"All we want is answers," Gonzales said. "I know somebody knows something out there, you just need to come forward and tell someone."

This cold case has been eligible for up to $5,000 in reward money from CrimeStoppers since last August but there haven't been any solid leads called in.

If you know something about this case you are urged to call SAPD or CrimeStoppers at 210-224-STOP. As always, you can call or text your tips anonymously.

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