Apoliano Guajardo, 73, killed while crossing Fredericksburg Road near Loop 410

Police: Guajardo had already crossed 3 lanes of traffic away from crosswalk

Published On: Oct 23 2012 08:34:42 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 23 2012 12:42:45 PM CDT

A man was hit and killed as he tried to cross the 4900 block of Fredericksburg Road near Loop 410.

Apoliano Guajardo, 73, did not use a crosswalk, police said.

The driver who hit him stopped to help. He told police he looked away from the road and when he looked back, he saw Guajardo and slammed on the brakes but was not able to stop in time.

There was a street light in the area that was not working, which might have made it more difficult for the driver to see Guajardo, police said.

The nearest crosswalk was about 100 feet from where the accident happened, but the area is a popular spot for jaywalkers.

David Pichardo ran across Fredericksburg Road Tuesday morning.

"I know that I'm supposed to use a crosswalk, and I just don't. It's safer," he said.

Pichardo said it's a matter of convenience, and he often picks speed over safety.

After hearing about what happened to Guajardo, Pichardo said he plans to take the long way from now on.

"It should have changed me a while back, and it's going to change me today. It will. I'll start using the crosswalks," he said. "I've got a lot to live for."

Police said the driver that hit Guajardo will not be charged.

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