Two robberies that left two men wounded Monday afternoon could be related, police said Tuesday.

San Antonio Police Department spokesman Sgt. Javier Salazar said the two crimes were being handled as separate investigations for the time being, but acknowledged the possibility they both could have been committed by the same person.

An armed robbery at the Three Amigos restaurant on the West Side resulted in the store owner being shot in the chest.

A short time later at Alamo Auto and Title, just under eight miles away from the restaurant, a second man was shot as a thief made off with a cash drawer.

The suspect's description, a man in his 30s wearing a ski mask and dark clothes, matched up at both locations, police said.

"If you ever find yourself in one of these businesses during this type of robbery, be compliant," Salazar said. "And if you can, try and get a description of the suspect. It will help our detectives solve the case."

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