A Texan musician along with a non-profit organization have turned around the lives of more than 30 girls at a Mexican orphanage.

Cece Box visited the Santa Julia orphanage in San Miguel Allende, Mexico years ago and was so impacted by the girls' living situation, she put out a CD with proceeds going towards the orphanage.

Box said food was non-existent and the culture was that of desperation. "The madres, the nuns who had charge of these girls were literally walking the streets and begging for food. Food as in maybe one meal a day," said Box.

Box's music was a saving grace to girls who came from nothing and came to expect even less.

"Some of them had never had their hair brushed. Can you imagine being a little girl and never having had your hair brushed?" Box said.  

So many people have been moved by the story of Santa Julia, a group of Americans have formed a non-profit, created a website and made a difference.

"One of the letters I got thanking me because now they might have adequate protein in their diet, and that's pretty bottom line," Box said.

Instead of hitting bottom, they're now headed to the top. The orphanage is expecting its first high school and college graduates in the next few years.

Box also recently received word that a donation of more than $75,000 has been made to put one of their girls through medical school.

Box encourages anyone visiting San Miguel Allende to visit Santa Julia or visit the website,