A baby girl dropped off at a fire station on the southeast side appears to be fine and is being checked out by doctors.

According to fire officials, the newborn baby was dropped off at Fire Station No. 29, in the 800 block of Hot Wells, around 4 p.m. on Thursday by a young woman who appeared to be the baby's mother.

District Chief Russell Johnson said, "We didn't unwrap it, it was wrapped up real nice and it was clean  It looked in good health. The mother appeared to be in good health."

Russell said the young woman, who appeared to be in her 20s , knocked at the station's front door and told firefighters she couldn't handle it anymore. 

That's when she handed the infant over and drove off by herself.
Texas, as do all 49 other states, has a Safe-haven, or "Baby Moses," law, decriminalizing the act of dropping off an unharmed baby at a hospital or child welfare agency or with EMS providers, such as at a fire station.

"This is what the Baby Moses law is all about -- just drop off the baby no questions asked ... we accept them," said Johnson.

The baby is currently at a nearby hospital and being checked out by doctors.