Armando Antu’s sister, Annette Antu, said she and her family constantly lived in fear of a phone call they hoped to never receive.

“Because he was such an alcoholic, and a drug addict, we thought we’d eventually get a call that something bad had happened to him," she said.

Antu got that call the night of Jan. 16, when a witness informed her that her brother had been severely beaten with a bat, and was taken to University Hospital.

After some initial hope of survival, Antu took a turn for the worse, and died Saturday of his injuries.

So far, police have no witnesses to the crime.

“We just hope somebody comes forward with something, even if they do it anonymously,” said Antu. “Even though he lived a rough life, that doesn’t mean his killer shouldn’t face punishment.”

Her brother was beaten near the intersection of South New Braunfels and Betty Jean, just off of Interstate 37 South.