Three Mexican eateries failed their recent inspection by San Antonio Metro Health for several violations including food temperatures and general cleanliness.

Martha's Mexican Restaurant located at 818 N.E. Loop 410 was recently given 49 demerits.

Food temperatures and a dirty kitchen beefed up their bad score, including food debris and mold on the walls. The inspector also found pots and pans encrusted with grease.

Fajita Taco Place located at 1816 Thompson Place failed their inspection with 37 demerits.

The inspector reported they were not sanitizing all dishware. They were also told to clean the refrigerators, grills and all surfaces.

Taqueria La Tapatia at 3054 Rigsby Avenue failed with 32 demerits.

Their violations included improper food temperatures, improper hand washing by employees and no inspection report for customers to see.

Metro Health confirmed successful re-inspections at all three restaurants with vast improvements seen.  

Metro Health handed perfect scores to the following restaurants:

  • Ernesto's Restaurant on Jackson Keller.
  • Luby's Cafeteria in the Medical Center on Floyd Curl.
  • Tink-A-Tako on Potranco Road.
  • Winston Churchill High School on Blanco Road.

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